How we work

{How we work}

In SUMASOFTWARE our aim is to provide, since the early stages of development, concrete results to our clients.

You'll also get to try out and test your application before it's finished, so that we are able to deliver you a product that truly satisfy your needs, thus making you an active and important part of the project..

SUMASOFTWARE does this by allowing its customers to access,, through the internet, the unfinished product. (through a web address) Allowing them to try and test it.

SUMASOFTWARE uses the latest open-source technologies ,we mainly develop technology systems LAMP, (Linux, Apache, Mysql,PHP) con layout responsive . To develop mobile applications , in addition to native coding languages and technologies, we make extensive use of Ionic .



The LAMP platform
it is one of the most used worldwide. Each of the applications from which it is composed is designed to seamlessly cooperate with the others. A package containing such software for several operating systems is XAMPP, which brings together the LAMP platforms (o LAMPP) e WAMP (o WAMPP).

Examples of server LAMP are the ones in use by Wikipedia.[1]


Responsive design, O responsive web design (RWD), indicates a technique of web design for the realization of sites able to graphically adapt automatically to the device with which they are displayed (computer with several resolutions, tablet, smartphone, mobile phones, web TV), eliminating the user need to resize browser windows and scroll through the page content.

Responsive design is an important element of the’accessibility, which also takes into account many other factors, focusing not only on the device the user is using but on their needs too (Such as: cognitive abilities, eyesight, physical impairments, and so on).



Ionic is a framework that allows you to make the most of web technologies to build mobile applications with look and feel similar to the native ones and in this area it is one of the most successful solutions.